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Welcome to MkvMagic !!!

With MkvMagic you will be able to backup your DVD and digital/analog capture in varius formats.

MkvMagic is able to encoded both mpeg2 and mpeg4 to mpeg2 or mpeg4. It use state of the art codecs and software to perform "magical" operations!

One important thing you should have understud is this program CANNOT BE USED TO BACKUP/COPY copyrighetd material.
Every nation have different laws regarding backing up of owned movie, so please,  learn what you can do and what you cannot do.
The author assumes that you own the copyright and that you will be using the copy for your own personal use.
The author does not take any responsibility for the illegal use of this guide or of  MkvMagic.

Same statement also for tv caps or other form video with copyright

Hardware Requirements

In short : many and more GB, lots of ram, and some GHz .
I suggest 18 gb free, 1 gb ram, 2+ Ghz of processor .

Software Requirements and Installation

MkvMagic comes with almost all that you'll need to create excellent quality backups of your DVDs (both in Mpeg4 format or Mpeg2). If you choose to use the XviD Codec or X264, you'll have to get and install these as well. Other needed programs include the XviD Coder/Decoder, FFdshow, AviSynth (2.56+), and VobSub. You'll need them for your encoding.
Mpeg2 video encoding is done with the excellent QuEnc or HcEnc or AutoQMatEnc, already included in exe directory.
Is also possible to use Rejig for trascoding mpeg2 to mpeg2

Compatibility with standalones DVD/Mpeg4 Player :

Best way to encode your video with standalone is achivied in two ways

1) Edit xvid_1_1.reg and  xvid_1_2.reg, in exe directory. These two files are dump of XviD registry settings used one for first pass (xvid_1_1.reg) and last (xvid_1_2.reg) for second pass. You can invoke XviD settings by writing i dos task rundll32.exe xvidvfw.dll, Configure
Set all option for a first pass (not needed to set bitrate) , click OK. From dos write reg export HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\GNU\XviD xvid_1_1.reg
Repeat for second pass. Remember that bitrate will set by MkvMagic
Replace these 2 reg with ones in exe directory. Now you can choose 2 Pass FULL Automatic XVID without fear

2)  Choose 2 Pass Manual XivD or 1 Pass Manual XviD. Click "Configure Codec" and set to your needs/taste for your standalone compatibility

Input in MkvMagic

First, you have to select an appropriate input file that MkvMagic is going to be dealing with and which determines also the type of input source:

If you want to encode multiple input files into one resulting AVI/MKV/MP4/MPEG2/DVD you can do it by appropriately naming input files: *_1.vob;*_2.vob etc and selecting just the first one (Extension can be any of supported types). In IFO mode MkvMagic automatically selects all VOBs that belong to one vobset.

Using MkvMagic

Full image

There are several panel on MkvMagic

Panel Gadget These Panel are used for configuring advanced task like
Mpeg2 encoding (passes,interlace,field,bitrate,PAL/NTSC, or method of engage avi)
Credits calculation or bitrate or audio settings (ABR or CBR, Nero over WinAmp)
Avisynth plugin, script before/post script
X264.exe Command line configuration
XviD encraw Command line Configuration

In MkvMagic select the input file. Select the Output directory where you want the intermediate files and final .avi/.mkv/.mp4/.mpeg/DVD or ISO to go. It's usually the same as the Input file. For the Audio track, select the one you want. Frequently, you'll have audio tracks in different languages on the DVD. There may also be a 6 channel AC3 (Dolby Digital 5.1), a 2 channel AC3 (DD 2.0), for older, classic films a 1 channel AC3 (DD 1.0) and/or a Director's Commentary track. If you plan on using MP3 audio, it might be better to choose the 2 track DD 2.0 if there is one. If you're going for 2 CDs and want the best quality audio, then choose the 6 track DD 5.1 if available. If you want subtitles then choose mkv container. , then choose one or two of the available languages. These will be muxed in final mkv video file. 

input file
Step 1

Select input file (click on Input). This input could  be a single file ifo,vob,mpeg1,mpeg2,ts files (as one from digital pvr), or avi or audio files
If you have a DVD already ripped on hd, click on Input  and browse for the corrispondenting IFO to process.
Or click on main movie vob (one of main movie vob/s). When DGindex starts stop it. Load all vobs, and the save movie.d2v overwriting those already present. When DgIndex finish you must close it manually.
This input could be also an AVI or D2v files
If you have a DVD to rip, insert your dvd, in Choose DVD drive  select corrisponding drive letter and then click Check Drive.
Output file name will be movie.mkv/avi/mp4 or a BURN folder with the new DVD or a ISO

audio choose



Mp3 Bitrate

Ogg preset
AAC preset

Step 2

By default the first Audio track is chosen, but feel free to choose another of the audio tracks.  Second audio track can be selected as well and it might be the Director's Commentary, or a second language. If you don't want any other audio tracks other than one .set Choose Second Audio Track to NONE

After selecting Language (or audio pid for vob/ts/mpeg...)  select encoding type for audio. Mp3 (Abr or Vbr)/Ogg/AAC (both Nero 7 and WinAmp CT supported) stereo or multichanell (5+1) or AC3. For maximun quality select Copy Original.
Remember that in AVI container only mp3 and AC3 could be muxed and into MP4 only Mp3/Ogg/AAC (not ac3). In MKV all audio type can be muxed.



Step 3

If you want subtitles, then choose your subtitle track. Subtitle will be ripped and muxed in final mkv movie. This subtitle will not be "burnt-in" but dinamycally loaded with VobSub

Let's go into a bit more details about Subtitles. You can only have till two language of subs. If you don't want subs  set Choose First (or Second) Subtitles Traks  to  NONE.
No adjustments of the subtitles are possible (i.e. position, color, font etc.) inside MkvMagic. 

container Step 4

Set Container
Here you will set final movie container.
Using MkvMerge or Avi-Mux_Gui or Mp4Box (all in Matroska Directory) MkvMagic is able to process video to final MKV or AVI or MP4.
ES Video: this option will force MkvMagic to process only video file and ignore audio file
ES Audio: this option will force MkvMagic to process only audio (and output only audio files). Usefull for trascoding audio files (ac3/wav/mp3....) to another audio format

Set MB Size Unit
Here you will set (write your size in mb) or choose size preset of output movie split.

Number of Units
Here you will set number of split.

MkvMagic will automatic split final movie into Number of Units parts.


Step 5

Here you will choose the resizer to apply.

For 1 CD rip choose HybridFuPP or SimpleResize, for more quality choose LanczosResize. 

Best : try and choose your self !

The resizer is editable but pay attention in what you write. If you write anything this will be written in avs, also if you don't want to apply resizer just choose edit end leave blank the string.
out_width: this is the final width of movie,out_height: this is the final height of movie. If you want to apply a custo resizer but using autosize routines just use out_width and out_height as width and height

width   ar

Step 6

Set Width:
Set Width you want (the combo is editable)
The input video will be AutoCropped and then the specified Width will be applyed.
If you want an Automatic Resize (based on best quality achivied by final size, obtained with a copression test) just select Automatic
Is also possible to specify the autocrop parameter, look at Credits/Calc/Audio section.

Force Mux DAR
If you mux into Mkv file this DAR will be applied.
If you don't know what to apply simple choose AUTO
If you want anamorphic encoding choose "Anamorphic+SAR"


man_codec  Image 1

cbr Image 2

2 pass 1 Image 3

2 pass 2  Image 4

export ok Image 5
Step 7

Here is the most importat part !
An explanation is required:
  • 1 Pass CBR Full Automatic XviD :  The movie will be encoded in CBR mode with XviD codec. No other information is required
  • 2 Pass Full Automatic XivD : The movie will be encoded in 2 pass with XviD codec. No other information is required
  • 1 Pass Manual XviD :  The movie will be encoded in CBR mode. CODEC MUST BE SETTED (click on Configure Codec, image 1). After clicking on Configure Codec a message will be prompted (image 2), after OK the XviD vfw  panel will appear. Set to one pass CBR encoding. You must even set the bitrate.
  • 2 Pass Manual XviD :  The movie will be encoded in 2 pass. CODEC MUST BE SETTED (click on Configure Codec, image 1). After clicking on Configure Codec a message wiil be prompted (a warning to remember to set codec for first pass, image 3), after OK the XviD vfw panel will appeat. Set to first pass encoding. After closing vfw a new prompt will appear for setting second pass (image 4). The XviD vfw panel will appear. Set it to second pass encode. You must set final size.
  • 1 Pass Manual XviD but Automatic BITRATE : The movie will be encoded in CBR mode. CODEC MUST BE SETTED (click on Configure Codec, image 1). After clicking on Configure Codec a message will be prompted (image 2), after OK the XviD vfw  panel will appear. Set to one pass CBR encoding. Bitrate will be set by MkvMagic according to final size.
  • 2 Pass Manual X264 but AUTO BITRATE : The movie will be encoded in 2 pass. CODEC MUST BE SETTED (click on Configure Codec, image 1). After clicking on Configure Codec a message wiil be prompted (a warning to remember to set codec for first pass, image 3), after OK the X264 vfw panel will appeat. Set to first pass encoding. After closing vfw a new prompt will appear for setting second pass (image 4). The X264 vfw panel will appear. Set it to second pass encode. Bitrate will be set by MkvMagic according to final size.
  • 1 Pass Manual X264 but AUTO BITRATE : The movie will be encoded in CBR mode. CODEC MUST BE SETTED (click on Configure Codec, image 1). After clicking on Configure Codec a message will be prompted (image 2), after OK the X264 vfw  panel will appear. Set to one pass CBR encoding. Bitrate will be set by MkvMagic according to final size.
  • 2 Pass FULL Automatic X264 : The movie will be encoded in 2 pass with X264 codec. No other information is required
  • 1 Pass FULL Automatic X264 : The movie will be encoded in CBR mode with X264 codec. No other information is required
  • X264.exe Command Line : The movie will be encoded with x264.exe codec, much more powerfull and rich of option of VFW countepart.
    Look at X264 Command Line Panel for more option
  • XviD Command Line : The movie will be encoded with the experimental XivD_Encraw.exe encoder
      Advanced Settings:  All automatic settings (as : 1 Pass CBR Full Automatic XviD,2 Pass Full Automatic XviD, 2 Pass FULL Automatic X264,1 Pass FULL Automatic X264) are based on already existing registry key. These settings are in exe directory and named : cbrpass.reg, xvid_1_1.reg (first pass) and xvid_1_2.reg (second pass), x264_1_1.reg (first pass) and x264_1_2.reg (second pass), x264cbr.reg . Resolution check are based on rescheck.reg for XviD and x264res.reg for X264.
Also in Credits/Calc/Audio is possible to specify the Quantitizer for doing Autosize calculations

Mpeg2 Encoders
Step 7.5

If you enable ES Video or DVD in container the codec configuration will change.
Here you will choose your preferred mpeg2 encoder
Step 8

full fuilter
Image 6

Image 7
filter 3

Image 8

This step will try to explain how to use avisynth filters in MkvMagic
First three box (in image above are those with RemoveGrain(mode=2) and Convolution3d(preset="movieHQ") ) contain all filters listed listed in image 6, image 7 and image 8.

Selecting one (or two, using both box) will apply to movie the corrispondenting filter as selected.

On third box (the ones with "Write your filter configuration") is a freely editable  text. Here you can write your filter settings, as RemoveGrain(mode=9), or FluxSmoothT(3)... One important rule is this :

You must be sure that needed filter dll is loaded !!!

If you use a filter already listed on box you can be sure that this dll is already loaded. BUT if you write something like Deen() you must load deen.dll
How to load a filter dll :  in filter directory there is a file named default.avs
If you open this file with notepad you will  see this:
defaul.avs All file listed here will be loaded by application when creating final avs script. So if you want to use Deen, you must append deen.dll in default.avs AND put deen.dll file into filter directory

About : QMF() Script
If  you choose any of QMF () Script, the "ModQMF.avs" in filter directory will be loaded and the corrispondenting  QMF() Script, in script directory applyed to final movie avs script.
Take a look at varius QMF() Script, you can even edit this but remember the rules of filter and don't change name of  QMF() Script

About : clean
is a more general script. If you choose "clean" all is written in clean script (in script filter directory) will be applyed at the end of final movie avs script. (and remember the filter rules !)

On last right you will see "Write here your avsi script To Import. As Import("c:\plugins\ipp.avs") And DONT' FORGET TO LOAD NEEDED DLLs in DEFAULT.AVS" , this box is used if you need to import a script in final movie script. An example: you want to use IPP filter. First of all you need to import this avs scrip so in this box you  write Import(c:\plugin\ipp.avs).
AND in default.avs append all other non listed dll needed by IPP (and put in filter directory those dll)
Image 8

If  you leave "AUTO"  a Interlace test if performed with 2.5% of full movie. If interlaced frames are > 5% then the Deinterlacer choosed in Panel Calc/Audio... is applyed

If  you want to apply a deinterlacer choose from one listed. Else if you don't want test or any deinterlacer choose "NONE"
Advanced : this box is editable so if the deinterlacier isn't good, edit it.
 options Do a Sample: if you enable this option a 2.5% of movie will be encoded before final encoding. This section will be encoded with the same resolution and bitrate as final movie
Delete temp. file : the proces of converting a dvd to mpeg4/mpeg2 will generate several GB of temporary files (audio, video premuxed...). Enable this check if you want to eliminate this temporary files when unneeded
Build DVD-ISO : (option avaiable only selection DVD as output). This option will use mkisofs.exe for generating a DVD Video ISO ready to burn
ShutDown : At end of all process the pc is shutdown

Mpeg2 Panel

Mpeg2 Encoding type # Pass: set encoding type
Encoding type is different from Encoder to Encoder. In this image the encoder is HCEnc. Using QuEnc 1 pass CBR and 1 Pass VBR are avaiable.

In Bitrate/Max Bitrate you can set the bitrate for encoding or/and maxium bitrate for automatic encoding

FrameRate Conversion: if detected frame rate of movie is different from ones choiched a ConvertFPS() will be applyed. (Also applyed on audio encoding)
Mpeg2 Output System: will be used for DVD mux,
All other option can be quite auto explained

Avi Engage Input Specify the mode in witch way the avi should be engage.

Audio Freq Specify the audio frequency for avi/mpeg to dvd conversion

Credits/Calc/Audio Panel

AutoCrop Parameter Enabling "Enable Greyscale() Encoding"  will apply a Greyscale()  filter to movie.
Other settings are AutoCrop parameters. Refere to tooltip and AutoCrop manual for modify

Manual Crop All this values are applyed only if "Enable Manual Crop" is checked
Set Top Border/Set Left Border/Set Right Border/Set Bottom Border: are the values for cropping borders
Width / Height : are the values for resize

Set Top ADD/Set Left ADD/Set Right ADD/Set Bottom ADD: are for adding borders

Trim Settings All this value are applyed only if "Enable Trim" or "Rise Quant" is checked
This option will let you calc starting frames either for trim or rise quantitizer

Check Enable Trim for cutting from "Start Trim Frames"
Check Rise Quant for enabling from this frame a fixed quantitizer of XX

Bitrate Calculator A quite simple bitrate calculator. No more no less.
For no audio encoding simply put 0 in Track X Size MB

Advanced Audio Settings Here you can specify the AAC encoder (Nero 7 or WinAmp CT).
Using High Quality profile or Fast
Using PNS or not
For Lame encoding is also possible to choose if encoding in ABR mode or CBR more

Advanced AutoSize Settings Here you can specify the fixed quantitizer at witch the AutoSize routines will encode.
An higher quant will bring more final resolution, a lower quant a lower final resolution
Here you can also choose the deinterlacer to apply if movie is interlaced
You can alse set what width the autosize should use for determining the "best" size

Decrypter Choose the Decrypter to use.
Please put DVDDecrypter.exe or  DVDFabDecrypter.exe into \exe\Vsrip folder (with vstrip_ifo.exe,vStrip.dll...)

Avisynth Panel

Brose DLL Here you can browse for dll to load in your avisynth scrip (here you can specify dll used by your filters, without writing in default.avs)

If you click on "Wr" the avisynth script would be written but no encode will be done
Browse for AVSI Here you can browse for AVS script to Import into final avisynth script

Script Before Resize Write here your filter script. This script will written BEFORE applying resizer.

Source must be specified : like Undot(movie)

Script after resize Write here your filter script. This script will written AFTER applying resizer.

Source must not be specified : like Undot()

X264 Panel     

One only suggestion: use one of Sharktooth profiles. A lot better 

X264 Pass

X264 Bitrate
Here you can specify the type of encoding for X264.

ABR : 1 pass encoding. If you change Bitrate/Quantitizer from AUTO this bitrate will be used for encoding. If you let AUTO, bitrate will calculated by MkvMagic
Const. Quantitizer : the movie will be encoded at fixed quant. Please specify the quantitizer
2 Pass : automatic two pass encoding (auto bitrate or specify)
Quality : the movie will be encoded at fixed quality. Please specify the quality

X264 Sharktooth profiles Sharktooth profiles must be present in installation folder\profiles\video

These profiles are a very good starting point. If know already how to use X264 feel free to change varius settings, otherwise use one of Sharktooth profiles.

WriteCMD : click this button to generate a x264cmd.bat (in install directory) with all settings choosed (useful for debug and manual encode)

XviD Encraw Command Line

Xvid Encraw
Here you can set the option for xvid command line mode. This is an experimental version of both gui and xvid_encraw.exe.

That's all folks !

If you need any other info please conctac me at Doom9 Forum, user buzzqw or mailme:


(Is better that installation folder do not contain space in name)

Added support for DVDDecrypter. Go in "Credits\Calc\Audio" and choose what decrypter to use
I am forced to remove from package DVDFab Decrypter.
Please put in exe folder\vsrip or DVDFabDecrypter or DVDDecrypter (and choose what to use)
Already present in 0.87 (but missing update log report... :( ) Now "Sample" is avaiable even for X264.exe

Finally resolved all problem (i hope !) for ifo parsing. Even for pgc the parsing is now correct.
Corrected the filter separator ":" not ","
If source is mpeg the audio wasn't correctly SSRC to selected frequence
The ecl for AutoQmatEnc now specify the number of frames (no more false autodetect)
The movie lenght routines now use xvid_encraw. Much faster and less ram to swap
Update XviD Command Line for work with 20/01/2006 release !
On XviD Command Line is now working single pass, 2 pass, quality encoding.
If XviD Command Line is choose compression test is no more done 2 times ;)
Update IFO/FILE parsing. Now the temporary file will be created in MkvMagic directory (so if some newby will try to open as input a dvd drive the program will not complain)
Now on DVD (ripped or to rip) MkvMagic will ask to choose PGC. This information is used for SubRipping (for better synchronization)
Update log file
Better bitrate calculation for X264
Now X264 compression test is done against a CRF of 18
Now Auto on "Force Mux DAR" will calculate the exact (NON ITU) DAR of movie (for film with DAR between 2.33 and 2.38 the DAR is set to 2.35. I will accept suggestion)
Added Noise Reduction in X264 options. Also parsed from SharkTooth profile
Now WriteCMD in X264 panel write batch for both passes
Added support for xvid_encraw
Added support for Anamorphic encoding + SAR signaling (X264/XVID in MKV container)
Resolved bug of copy audio source when input and output directory is different
Added Shutdown option. Will force shutdown at end of encoding
Is now possible specify for compression test to do encoding in CRF or QP or Bitrate
Added the possibility to specify the maximun resolution to test for compression test. For example if you let auto the compression test is done against full width so the file resulting will be bigger. Bigger file means less final width
Denterlace test is now faster and more saver to use (aka less prone to crash)
Added --bime option
Bime is now parsed from Sharktooth profiles (tested with 20)
On choose codec setting the application is no longer blocked
Update Audio routines when mpeg2 is choosed
Now Destination path is placed on input directory (when input is choosed)
Added two small button at each side of filter choice. If you click these button the scrip selected will be opened with notepad. Useful for checking qmf script !
Temporary hc.dbs file create by HcEnc is now automatically deleted after encoding
Update manual to 0.75
Better parsing of AR from d2v
Added auto deinterlace option. If you choose "AUTO" a test on 2.5% of movie will be performed and if more than 5% of frames is interlaced the interlaced choosed in Credits/Calc/Audio will be applyed.
Else if you choose a denterlacer or this interlacer will be always applyed. If you choose "NONE" neither test or interlacer will be performed/used
Quantitizer factor for autosize test can accept decimal value (for XviD)
Output directory is now parsed for space in name. If space is found Mkvmagic will ask for another path
Update parsing of Sharktooth profiles (test with 19a)
Chapter is also applyed to MP4 container
Bug fixes (mkv muxing)
Reorganized Input Panel
Changed the size of media input. Now, as in calc/bit, there are varius preset (1cd, 2cd, 3cd,1/6dvd...). Is possible to write down the size however (like 50, for 50 mb)
Added MotionProtectedFPS() for framerate conversion (
Changed About text (not more mutuated from AutoGK)
Totaly rewritten and recomposed programs path. Now in exe folder all files are organized for homogeneity.
Added ChapterExtractor for a correct chapter muxing (in mkv)
Updated HcEnc to 0.16A ( Hank315 !)
Updated AutoQMatEnc to 0.32b02
Corrected avisource in no-compressed avi
Now stats file of x264.exe is automatically deleted after encoding
Update MkvMerge to (SSE2 build, if your processor isn't sse2 capable, substitute mkvmerge.exe with all mktoolnix contents)
Parsing of Script folder. Now you can put in script folder your script. At next start of MkvMagic the script will be automatically avaiable
Added a new button for writing avisynth script. This button will write the avisynth script based on filter choosed. For writing go in "Avisynth Extra" and click "Wr", the script file is movie.avs. NOTE that AR will be wrong
Is now possible to drag&drop input file (in input string)
Resolved crash of AviMux_Gui/Mp4Box when no audio is selected
Update Besweet plugin to latest Dimzon dll for Nero7
Update LibVorbis with correct 5+1 channel mapping
Corrected --me (x264.exe) on turbo pass
Resolved hang of avs2avi when encoding very short uncopressed avi
Is now possible to process uncompressed avi (Thanks Rickee!!!)
Resolved bugs using 1 pass with X264
Now if choosed Quality or Quantitizer (for X264.exe) the bitrate combo is populated with default values
Now MkvMagic will search application directory in its folder.
THERE MUST BE PRESENT: BeSweet / DOC / exe / filter / matroska / profiles / script / Tutorial folders
Added language tag to audio when muxing into mp4
Is now possible to choose per mp3 audio encoding ABR or CBR
Is now possible to specify at witch Quant the compression test must be done (both for XviD or X264 VFW and Command Line)
Whenever you change container the audio choice will be reset to default (mp3 128)
Is now possible to encode audio in AC3 (both 2ch, 5ch+1). Be carefull, source audio cannot be ac3! (besweet bug..)
Update Lame_Enc to 3.98b2
Added FastPSkip option (will be parsed from Sharktooth' profiles)
Update log for BeSweet
BeSweet don't correctly parse frequency settings
Returned MP4Box into Matroska folder (and btw updated to 1.6.5+subs fix)
Introduced AAC audio settings in "Credits/Calc/Audio" panel. Used for tuning AAC encoding (or for choose WinAmp CT over Nero 7)
After much thinking i have adopted BeSweet for all audio encoding pourpose.
This will let out azid.exe/oggenc.exe/lame.exe/ffmpeg.exe and more.
I will use twolame.exe for mp2 encoding, 'cause both mp2enc/toolame isn't stable.
Also i will use delay_fix.exe by JSoto for fixing delay and check correct stream
Is also now possible to encode avi to avi (and apply convertfps() if needed)
Added support for besweet (not used)
Using Enc_aacPlus for 5+1 AAC encoding (AACEnc doesn't support 4gb+ wave file)
Now if you choose encoding in 5+1 (ogg/aac) , the wav file is always deleted
Moved Mp4Box into executable directory
Tuned up the autoresize settings for x264 (target Q=19)
Now checkmedia.txt,dvdinfo.txt and other files used for parsing is deleted
Even for d2v input AR is calculated now
If X264's Shartooth Profiles doesn't exist the program wil not hang :)
Now framerate is setted for AutoQMatEnc
Is now possible to specify output framerate and to framerate conversion for avi to dvd conversion (for PAL to NTSC or viceversa)
Near perfet AR calculation on X264 ( a good job !)
Better Autosize calculation (now is calculated on exact width/height)
Better bitrate calculation for X264
Better layout on panel (i tryed at least)
Splitting on Mp4 container is now fuctional (stupid bug, as usual)
Now all passes for X264 will write a batch file for a better analyse of command line string (and catch error...)
Is now possible to write a command line file based on X264 settings. Just click on "WriteCMD", on destination directory a "x264cmd.bat" will be writed
Bug fixes,bug fixes,bug fixes (and a lot more bugs!)
Is now possible to let MkvMagic parse and set AR even for X264 encoding
Most switch on X264 gui have now a tooltip based on Mencoder manual
Full fuctional X264.exe gui
Is possible to do ABR,2 Pass (auto bitrate,manual bitrate), Constant Quality, Constant Q
If 2 Pass or ABR is choosed is possible to specify the bitrate or by leaving "AUTO" let MkvMagic calculated it
For Constant Q and Costant Quality is NECESSARY SPECIFY THE Q OR CRF
For avi input is now possible to the frequency (48000 or 44100) for audio output
Better (again) resize routines for dvd to dvd
More tooltip for crop and bitrate calculator
Now even long path is supported (for input and output file). Max 100 char BUT NO SPACE in path !!!. (So don't copy on desktop !!!)
Better resize routines for avi to dvd (for AR respect)
MkvMagic is able to parse Sharktooth profiles for MeGui.
Un7zip the file in MkvMagic directory. It will create a folder profiles/video with all xml file in it
Added a Bitrate calculator
Added X264.exe gui (not fuctioning)
Added tooltip for new Avisynth Panel
Added tooltip for extra panel
is now possible to choose as input an audio file (or video...) . If you choose ES Audio only the audio track will be converted
Added a new Panel
Is possible to specify the dll to load
Is possible to specify the avsi to import
Is possible to write a command script both before resize and after resize filter
Added Trim option. Is possible to either trim source file or encoded at fixed quant
Is now possible to specify crop parameter
Is now possible to specify resize parameter
Is now possible to manual tune autocrop parameter. Pay attention, what is writtend is used by application
Is now possible to choose how to parse avi (and now ogm/mkv) file: using AviSource or DirectShowSource.
Default is on DirectShowSource
Is now possible to convert avi input in mpeg2 file
Tuning of mpeg2 encoding profiles
Using Avisource is now possible to add as source file avi
Update Avi_Mux-Gui at 1.17.4
Update Lame to 3.97 beta 1
Is now possible after a DVD encoding with DVD mux to build an iso-dvd for later burning
If enabled Delete temp.file and Build ISO, the AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS previusly created are deleted.
Now if mpeg4 as container is used all option used for mpeg2 encoding are disabled
Is now possible to delete all temporary file even for mpeg2 encoding
Is now possible in mpeg2 mode to encode only audio or only video (with no muxing)
Better disabled/enable option for mpeg2 routines
Enable subs in DVD mode.
The subs/audio also get correct language tag description. Subs are converted to sup.
Is now possible to build a DVD video, with AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders
Introduced the possibility to to a Costant Quality encoding. Only with HCenc or AutoQMatEnc.
Is also possible to encode in CQ Auto mode. With HCenc or AutoQMatEnc is possible to encode at fixed quant but with a maximum bitrate. In this way a 1 Pass VBR could be processed.
Wiser routines for enable/disable options/box on varius change of encoder/container
Is now possible to specify the max bitrate (when enabled in encoder) used in encoding.
Tooltip for new options
Introduced the possibility do encode in Mpeg2 format.
Using HCenc or QuEnc or AutoQMatEnc is now possible to do dvd copy (honoring all Law on copyright).
Right now is possible only to build audio (as mp2) and video (as mpv)
The video could be encoded in 2 Pass VBR, 1 Pass CBR or 1 Pass VBR. Bitrate can be manual or automatic
Is now possible to let resizer be applyed by QMF(). Take a look at "QMF() Script5" . It is easy:
1') in resize filter choose EDIT but do not write anything (resize should be blank)
2') choose a QMF filter script with a resizer (in any fuction) applyed
Is now possible to choose more the 4 qmf script. AS LONG AS the first THREE character of filter is QMF , this filter will be used as a QMF function, so with import of QMF script and fuction !
Added support for filter DCTFilter
Added support for filter HQDN3D
Added support for LimitedSharpen
Now on resize list you will find even LimitedSharpen. Feel free to edit the parameters BUT remember that output with/height must be named out_width/out_height , otherwise , after autocrop, will be applyed the width/height specified in edited string.
To test some fun try "LimitedSharpen(1.25,1.25,out_width,out_height,edgemode=-1,3)"  (enable edit and choose LimitedSharpen, then edit it by adding "edgemode=-1")
BIG NOTE: if you edit the resizer (whatever resizer is edit) THAT STRING will be applyed for resizing (so no string -> no resizer, only auto crop, take a look at 0.16 upgrade)
Now Configure codec button is enabled only when is needed to configure Codec
Solved audio bug with vob input (introduced with 0.17)
Revisited the QMF script. Please take a look at QMF.avs and the new QMF() Script
Now QMF is much more efficent. Feel free to modify QMF() Script ! (my preferred are "QMF() Script4" and "QMF() Script2")
Added the possibility to Delete temporary file. If check is validated all file but final movie (and source movie/audio) will be deleted
Solved a stupid bug that will ignore AR set by user
Is now possible to choose as input file even file D2V. After choosing this file MkvMagic will prompt two time for choosing till two audio tracks. If you want to process only one audio tracks choose the first and click on cancel on second request.
Added an About box (mainly for Legality use)
NOTE: external audio could be ac3, mpeg layer2 or layer3, wav. NO OGG - NO DTS. OGG audio is compatibly only if Copy Original is choosed as audio codec
NOTE: the d2v file must be compatible with dgdecode.dll it filter directory (as now 1.4.6, DGIndexProjectFile12)
Update fft3dfilter to 1.8.1
Resolved (after a big hunt) the bug that occasionally crash MkvMagic after encoding , before muxing !!
Added the possibility to edit the Resizer filter. NOTE : if you want to apply autocrop write something like "SimpleResize(640,480)" if DO NOT WANT to apply autocrop write "SimpleResize(movie,640,480)
Now all application launched by MkvMagic (like azid/lame/avs2avi...) starts hidden
Added the possibility to do a sample (2.5%) of encoded movie. This routine is avaiable only if you let MkvMagic choose width. If you enable "Do a Sample", after ripping,indexing,processing audio,compressibility test, a sample of movie will be encoded with all filter/resolution of final movie. This routines could be usefull for long encoding if you want to see what will be final movie, and do not interrupt encoding chain (so after the sample the encoding go ahead)
Added ColorMatrix
Revisited all ifo parsing code.
Subrip more powerfull and secure. Now subs are displayed even if on angles.
Modified Matroska muxing, before AR not always was corrected
Now DgIndex starts minimized
If two filter was selected only first was applyed (very stupid bug !!!)
Filter is now editable ! ATTENTION !!!
Added DeGrainMedian filter
Added FFT3DFilter filter (copy fftw3.dll , from DOC\fftw3_20040130\fftw3win32mingw, into system directory as c:\winnt or c:\windows\system32
Added a Manual (BETA)
Added Deen Filter
Now a log of encoding is created (MkvMagic.log)
Now if possible to process even already ripped dvd. Just poit input file to corrispondenting IFO. Vob correlated to this ifo will be processed.
Note: now there are 2 way of processing ripped dvd:
first way: point input file to first vob to process (like VTS_01_1.VOB), select your encoding type, audio, size etc.., then click start.
When Dgindex pop-up stop it, load all vob of movie and then re-save movie.d2v overwriting ones already created.
second way: point input file to the corrispondenting ifo to parse (VTS_02_0.IFO for VTS_02_XX.VOB), select your encoding type, audio, size etc.., then click start (dvd must be already ripped)
Moreover in this way you can encoded not only the main movie but all selecting corrispondenting ifo, even extra/specials.. could be selected and encoded (one at time)
Resolved hangs of application while working (encoding/muxing...).
Now when "START" button in pressed the application goes to System Tray. At any moment you can right-click on MkvMagic minimized icon and select "Restore Window" or "Quit".
When MkvMagic finished encoding, it is restored.
Added another 2 way of encoding
"2 Pass FULL Automatic X264" and "1 Pass FULL Automatic X264" (based o x264_1_1.reg for first pass and x264_1_2.reg for second pass, 1 pass based on x264cbr.reg. Auto quality based on x264res.reg)
These 2 way of encoding are automatic in same way as "2 Pass Full automatic xvid". No need to input any codec parameters.
Created a peculiar filter : "CLEAN"
If you take a look at "CLEAN" file in filter directory you will see sothing like
The pecualirity of choosing "CLEAN" filter is that in final script (and in autosizing script) what is written in "CLEAN" file will be copied into
So if you want to apply a series of filter, write into "CLEAN". Remember to check default.avs to control if all dll needed is loaded
The use is similar to the freely editable third filter, but here you can apply more than one filters.
Added LeakKernelDeint to list of possible deinterlacer
If browse for input file is cancelled, then the input file is reset to default
If browse for output dir is cancelled, then the output dir is reset to default
Now is possible to mux both mp3 and ac3 in avi
Enabled Avi split
If autosize check will bring a width > 900, b-frames is no more used
If autosize check will bring a width <900 >704, b-frames is set to 1